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Complimentary Inspection
When was the last time you opened the hood of your vehicle and looked? That is right we are here for that. We have a complimentary inspection on every vehicle that comes in here. We check everything we possibly can check on your vehicle. Does not include scanning your computer.

3,000 Mile Schedule Service
Change oil and filter using up to 5 quarts of standard oil. Lubricate the chassis. Multi point vehicle inspection included. Change oil and filter every 3,000 miles or every 3 months.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance
ATSI can correctly perform all factory scheduled maintenance on your vehicle to keep your vehicle in top condition. We can perform the scheduled maintenance that is scheduled on the mileage you are at.

Brake Services
When you step on your brakes do you hear a loud squeel or a scraping sound? Do other people stare at you when you stop? Are you nervous you won’t be able to stop when you need to? Don’t worry we can fix it for you. We offer a full line of brake services including brake jobs and brake fluid exchanges.

ABS Testing
Do you see the ABS light on your dash. It is a warning light telling you your ABS system is not functioning properly. We can scan your ABS system and test each component to make sure they are working properly.

Overheating Concerns
Does your vehicle get mad and blow steam out from under the hood. Don’t worry we can fix that for you. We have a complex testing procedure to find the concern and get it fixed for you.

Radiator Fluid Exchange
Let’s face it old and worn out fluid can no longer perform it’s intended function and can cause failure to your radiator system. Replacing antifreeze as scheduled can help prevent overheating and keep your vehicle from freezing during the winter. Perform inspection of heating cooling system checking hoses, thermostat and water pump if applicable. Exchange all of radiator fluid and fill to proper level. Test drive vehicle assuring concern is gone and no air bubbles in Radiator System.

Steering Services
Have you ever wondered when you turn the steering wheel what all happens to make your tires turn? Or what happens when you turn your wheel and your tires don’t turn? Don’t worry we can inspect your steering system and replace worn parts assuring that every time you turn your wheel your tires turn. It is a complex system that works in harmony with each part making turns possible.

Differential Service
Do you know the last time you serviced your differentials? Differentials have more than what you would think. There are gears and bearings that need that fluid for lubrication it is very important to have fresh fluid. We will test drive your vehicle remove the cover of the differential and inspect for metal sediment and replace the cover and fill with new fluid.

Transmission Fluid Exchange Service
Transmission fluid is the vital fluid that keeps your transmission running and ensures a long life. Changing out your transmission fluid will add years of life to your transmission. We will test drive vehicle and attach transmission fluid exchange machine and exchange all transmission fluid. Verify fluid is level is correct and test drive vehicle. This service can be combined with transmission service to give your transmission the best service.

Transmission Service
Your transmission filter can tell a lot about your transmission. How about letting us take a look and see what it has to say? Test drive vehicle, remove transmission pan and filter. Inspect sediments in transmission pan and filter. Replace with new filter and gasket. Fill transmission to proper level. Test drive vehicle.

Transmission and Powertrain Repairs
If you need your transmission repaired or rebuilt, we will provide you with expert quality diagnostics and repair work. Whether it's an automatic or manual transmission, a problem with your clutch or differential, ATSI can diagnose and repair/replace any part of your vehicle's transmission or powertrain. See Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds for more information.

All automotive repairs carry a 3yr 50,000 mile warranty, and all transmission rebuilds or re-manufactured units come with a 3yr 100,000 mile warranty. That is one of the longest warranties in the industry. We only install top quality parts from brands we trust giving you confidence in your vehicle again.